Hardwood Refinishing in Birmingham

Welcome to Adams Flooring Solutions LLC, Birmingham’s premier choice for all of your commercial hardwood refinishing needs. Hardwood refinishing is a common service for many of our Birmingham clients. For best results, we always recommend that our Birmingham commercial clients enlist the help of qualified hardwood refinishing experts such as us at Adams Flooring Solutions LLC to complete their hardwood refinishing job. At Adams Flooring Solutions LLC, we have been offering the city of Birmingham and its surrounding areas top quality, cost-effective, professional hardwood refinishing services for many years. We offer convenient pricing, quoting and scheduling so that your hardwood refinishing job can be executed quickly and without much disruption to your workflow. We do this by offering refinishing services outside of working hours so that you and your team can focus on what is most important.

Revive Your Lackluster Floors With a Fresh, New Finish!

Maintaining a clean, tidy and professional workspace is essential for communicating an air of professionalism and success to your clients. If your Birmingham commercial floors are looking dull, drab and dated, the only solution is to have them refinished. There is a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to refinishing your Birmingham hardwood floors. At Adams Flooring Solutions LLC, we offer a range of stains, shades, and finishes to choose from to create a look that perfectly suits your Birmingham workspace. Our qualified team of designers will be glad to assist you in picking out the perfect shade, stain and finish for your Birmingham hardwood floors. For example, a matte protective coating can be applied to your refinished hardwood floors for a modern and un-intrusive look. We also offer our Birmingham clients the option of a high-gloss varnished feel to the wood for an industrial feel that never goes out of style. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful difference and feel of your space after you’ve had the floors refinished.

Resist Excessive Waste by Refinishing Rather Than Replacing!

It is unfortunate that so many Birmingham commercial businesses don’t realize that they can save so much money by salvaging their pre-existing hardwood floors. Instead of ripping out the floor and replacing it with a new one, and by proxy paying for the materials, labor and other costs associated with the project, refinishing a floor is an effective solution! Any hardwood floor can be refinished to look brand new. Just ask one of our friendly team members to show you our collection of before and after photos of work we have done for proof!

If you are considering breathing new life into your Birmingham hardwood floors, consider a refinishing job. Our Birmingham specialists are licensed, qualified and experienced to have your Birmingham refinishing job looking great and done in no time. Simply stop by our office in person or call us over the phone to receive your free, no obligation quote. If you are in need of design services, we’ll be glad to help. Don’t wait, call Adams Flooring Solutions LLC today and step into luxury!